What a Webmasters Do for You?

A webmaster will manage your website. This includes updates as they are made available. A webmaster will ensure these updates are made as soon as possible, so your website continues to functions at its best.

Webmasters will also make minor changes to your website. If you have some textual changes to a page, images or videos, a webmaster can go to the page and do them for you. This ensures structure and any other features of your site are not affected.

Webmasters will also alert you to any problems with the site that may need further development. Our webmasters have the skills and experience to handle these developmental changes.


Website Up to Date


Our webmaster’s main function is maintaining your website. You will have someone who focuses on website updates and no more waiting for you to make time.

Websites have issues every once in a while. Usually the timing is bad. With our webmaster on call, you can delegate problem solving. They won’t have to research the issue. They will have seen if before and can get the website running smooth again faster.

Your website is having regular problems. Should it be? What are your missing? Are their security issues I don’t know about? Ghali's professional webmaster can add a level of technical expertise that your team is missing.

When your website is down, your business is, too. Business owners often spend hours or even days trying to get their sites up and running. Having a dedicated webmaster prevents this from happening. With 24-hour performance monitoring, most problems are caught before you even realize them. If you do notice something amiss, simply contact our webmaster.

Our webmaster can create a website that is enjoyable and easy for people to use. If people have a hard time using your site, you will end up losing customers. Some of the areas that webmaster focus on are simplified navigation, links to products and services, high quality images and layout options.

Your products and services are designed for a specific audience, and it’s this audience that you want to bring to your site. A webmaster can help drive targeted traffic to your site, improving conversion rates and boosting sales. To do this, our webmaster will research what keywords to use and make suggestions on the type of content you can write.


$35 / hour

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